Hall of Fame

Calandra Sampson, Days Hotel Flagstaff Flagstaff, AZ.

Since joining Days Hotel Flagstaff in April 2021, Calandra Lynn Sampson has been the “rock” of the housekeeping department, all while commuting over 2 hours to work and 2 hours home each day. The property has been fortunate to stay busy throughout the pandemic and has struggled with staffing issues. Due to that, Calandra has come in on her days off and taken on additional duties like laundry to support the property, all with a smile and positive attitude. Her hard work has led to a promotion to lead housekeeper.

Angel Alsina, Hilton Garden Inn Fort Myers, FL.

Despite losing most of his family at the age of 12, and his beloved Uncle Luis, a former Chief Engineer at a hotel property in Santa Rosa Calif. to the California wildfires, Angel Alsina, an 18-year-old high school student, is determined to fulfill his dream of one day also becoming a Chief Engineer. Angel has the “It Factor” in terms of hospitality. He works the second shift, one that requires later hours and responding to many guest requests. He was recently promoted and is on his way to one day becoming Chief Engineer at the Hilton Garden Inn property.

2021 – Miriam Rodriguez Alvarez Patterson, Calif.

According to Miriam Rodriguez Alvarez’s manager at Best Western Plus Villa Del Lago Inn, she “has changed the housekeeping department for the better.” Miriam strives for perfection in cleanliness, and although she is deaf, she does not allow it to be an obstacle in her housekeeping role. She always has a positive attitude and regularly communicates with and shows appreciation for hotel guests. Miriam helps lift employee morale and has been instrumental in upholding cleanliness for the property during the pandemic.

2019 – Nashville Zoo Nashville, TN

Nashville Zoo’s Expedition Peru: Trek of the Andean Bear women’s restroom offers more than meets the eye. Visible through a floor to ceiling glass window are a family of six cottontop tamarins. This lush indoor exhibit features these critically endangered primates and all their antics. Meanwhile, Nashville Zoo’s Entry Village men’s restroom features floor–to–ceiling glass window with a view of the ball python snake exhibit.